Singapore Primary Mathematics Home Instructor’s Guide 5B (2022 Edition)


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Intended to accompany the Student Book, the Home Instructor’s Guide provides Student Book answers, select worked solutions, teaching ideas, and strategies to facilitate exploration, discussion, and student-centered learning. The front matter provides background on the program structure, lesson and concept development, and an overview of the Readiness-Engagement-Mastery model of learning. Table of Contents: -Chapter 7: The Four Operations of Decimals 7A: Addition and Subtraction of Decimals 7B: Multiplication of Decimals 7C: Division of Decimals 7D: Conversion of Measurement Units -Chapter 8: Word Problems: The Four Operations of Decimals 8A: Word Problems -Chapter 9: Volume 9A: Measure and Compare Volumes 9B: Volume of Rectangular Prisms 9C: Volume of Composite Solids 9D: Word Problems: Volume of Solids -Chapter 10: Properties and Classification of 2-D Shapes 10A: Properties and Classification of Triangles 10B: Properties and Classification of Quadrilaterals -Chapter 11: Line Plots and the Coordinate Plane 11A: Line Plots 11B: The Coordinate Plane 11C: Line Graphs -Chapter 12: Number Patterns and Relationships 12A: Number Patterns and Relationships Note: Soft cover. Includes digital component and answers to Student Book.



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