Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky


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The Stargazers Guide to the Night Sky offers everything you need to explore the remarkable beauty of the stars, moon, and planets. Dr. Jason Lisle, a research scientist with a masters and Ph.D. in astrophysics provides a very thorough, practical and easy to read resource to fuel the curiosity of amateur astronomers ages 10 to 100. -Understand how the eye works to enhance your views of the night sky -Study the 150 stunning, full-color star charts to learn the names and placement of constellations -Discover how to observe the galaxies with the naked eye -Learn how to choose and use a telescope -Investigate the celestial motions and events -Learn best practices for astrophotography

These simple tips and tricks from Dr. Lisle will make your stargazing sessions go from mediocre to spectacular. The Stargazers Guide to the Night Sky is the size of a hardcover textbook, boasting 240 glossy pages of education for the hobby astronomer or science student. This resource is excellent for the family, couples, or individuals who like to learn and explore the beauty of God’s creation.

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