Spelling You See C Wild Tales Universal Bundle


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Wild Tales gives students opportunities to study words in the context of factual passages about animals and allows students to mark various letter patterns, copy passages, and produce their own compositions or drawings. This level is designed for a student who knows letter sounds and can spell many common words correctly.

This level:

  • Features carefully researched passages
  • Introduces non-phonetic and high-frequency words
  • Allows students to practice writing passages from dictation
  • Gives opportunities for creativity and development of interest in writing, listening, storytelling, and illustrating on No Rule Day

This Wild Tales set includes everything you need for continued focus on the Skill Development stage. Includes:

  • Instructor’s Handbook: Introduction to the philosophy of Spelling You See Getting Started guide Lesson-by-lesson instructions
  • Student Pack: 2 Student Workbooks Erasable colored pencils

In January 2022, Demme Learning released this updated version of Wild Tales.