Spelling You See G Modern Milestones Universal Bundle


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The focus of the passages in Modern Milestones is on artists, musicians, scientists, and others who have influenced our world since early modern times. This level has been designed to encourage more independent learning on the part of the student, always with the support and encouragement of the instructor. Students are introduced to a new way of marking word patterns that emphasizes how prefixes and suffixes are added to base words to enhance or change their meanings. A weekly Workshop page provides more practice with the concepts taught in each lesson.

This level: Covers details about specific spelling patterns, particularly how prefixes and suffixes change the meaning of words Expands and adapts the Spelling You See activities for more a complex study of vocabulary

Includes everything you need for your student in the Word Extension stage of spelling, with 36 lessons of Modern Milestones:

  • Instructor's Handbook: Introduction to the philosophy of Spelling You See Getting Started guide
  • Student Pack: 2 Student Workbooks Erasable colored pencils