U.S. Geography 4th Through 6th Bundle


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This U.S. geography curriculum connects the stories of Native American tribes, intrepid explorers, hopeful pioneers, and determined individuals with the lands they built their lives upon. These stories introduce homeschoolers to the vast variety of landforms, biomes, and ecosystems that can be found in the United States.

Bridging story with scientific and geographic exploration, this course is designed for nature lovers and outdoor skeptics alike. The comprehensive teacher’s guide will reveal the incredible geography of the United States, introduce mapping, directions, landforms, the National Parks, and inspire outdoor adventures to apply your student’s newfound knowledge. Join your student to discover ecosystems, biomes, and ecological principles as you explore the mountain ranges, deserts, rivers, glaciers, plains, islands, sea-like lakes, rainforests, and various flora and fauna to be found in the United States.

Whether it’s through beautifully filmed videos, muddy field trips, or hands-on experiments, your fourth to sixth grade student will cultivate a lifelong love of exploration, adventure, and an appreciation of the natural world. This gentle approach to geography is designed to ignite your child’s curiosity as you experience the wonders of our magnificent country.

Picture Packet: Click here to download Geography Curriculum Pack Includes: 1 Teacher Guide 11 Books 1 Map

•37 Geography Lessons •1 lesson per week for a one-year study

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