Wonders of the Human Body Vol 2


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High school students discover more of God’s awe-inspiring work in the Wonders of the Human Body Volume 2. Drs. Tommy and Elizabeth Mitchell, both Vanderbilt educated medical doctors, creationists, and homeschoolers, wrote this series together to reveal the wonder of God and the authority of His written word.

Wonders of the Human Body Volume 2 uses engaging text and beautiful images to help high school students explore the digestive system, metabolism, the reproductive system, and special systems which include the blood, lymphatic, immune, urinary, endocrine, and integumentary systems. Students will discover the problems that occur when our bodies are damaged by disease or injury.

Topics include: Identify dietary needs Investigate the properties of amino acids Explore the anatomy of the stomach Discover the process of digestion Learn about nutrition and metabolism Understand the basic genetics of the human body Distinguish the male and female reproductive systems Discover the function of blood Understand the purpose of the immune system

Master Books includes the Wonders of the Human Body Volume 2 as the student text in Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Volume Two, a homeschool science curriculum for high school students.

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