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Are you ready for an eye-opening journey around the world this school year? Did you know that the sands in the Sahara help fertilize the Amazon rainforest in Brazil? Do you want to read one of the greatest survival stories of all time? In this course, students will travel the world to learn about its unique geography, study its incredible ecology, and read stories set on every continent. A beautiful world map provides a blank canvas for students to label every country in the world, even filling the role of cartographer and adding borders for newer nations like South Sudan and Kosovo.

Students will learn about the principles of geography through the required resources while the teacher guide leads you through the beautifully designed and accessible resources.

Geography pairs naturally with ecology, and studying the ecosystems and biomes of the seven continents provides ample opportunities for hands-on learning. Nearly 50 activities that use easy-to-find household items help students understand the cycles of nature, ecosystem structure, soil health, effects of pollution, and much more

Finally, 13 literature selections will transport students to Malawi, Sudan, Pakistan and India, Vietnam, Iraq, the Russian steppe, Spain, the United States, Panama, Brazil, Australia, and even Antarctica. These books relate to the experiences of people who lives in the places your student will be labeling on the map, making geography more than simply the study of place, but showing how people live in these environments through moving and heartwarming stories. We've even included a Traveler's Table with recipes that will allow your student to experience place through taste and smell.

Pair with the "Book of Nations" to add even more depth and detail to this engaging and informative study,

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