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For grades 9-12. Designed for students to practice and develop their independent learning. Students will journey on a trip around the globe as they study history from creation to today in Dr. James Stobaugh's World History Set.

In World History, your student will develop an understanding of World history trends, philosophies, and events through the use of: -Critical thinking questions based roughly on Bloom's Taxonomy -Examinations of historical theories surrounding a period or topic -Clarified terms, concepts, and theories to be learned -History makers who clearly changed the course of history -Overviews and insights into world views

World History Student Book: Historical content covered in this volume includes the study of Mesopotamia, the Jewish Exile, Egyptian Life, Greece, Life in Athens, Roman Life, Early Church history, Indian (South Asian) History, Persian History, Chinese History, the Middle Ages, the Crusades, the Renaissance, the Reformation, German History, the World Wars, and South Africa.

Course Features: -Approximately 20-30 minutes per lesson, 5 days per week -Designed for grades 10-12 in a one-year history course -Can be combined with Stobaugh's literature curriculum for an integrated history/literature course

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