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Have a child interested in electronics? Do they tear apart their toys trying to figure out how they work? Or maybe you’d like to get them into STEM? Then this Applied Inspirations Bundle is perfect for you!

We’ll get you started with the Small Tool Set and the Intro to Electronics Kit. We recommend this kit for students age 10 and older.

Tool Set Includes: Soldering Iron, Cage-type Soldering Iron Stand, ANSI Safety Glasses, Long Nose Pliers, Flush/Fine Wire Cutters, and Solder.

Red-Board Kit: The student(s) builds a time-delayed, Color Changing LED circuit. The student will PRACTICE soldering, learn to read a schematic diagram, understand basic electronic theory, learn what the basic components do, and experiment to see how the switch, resistor, capacitor, and transistor work together to control the color changing LED.

If your child does great with this, consider the other Applied Inspirations Kits below! **Blue-Board fully teaches soldering**